We are excited to finally announce: The liquidity migration will begin tommorow (5/6) at 1:00pm UTC

Our #1 priority is security and we’ve been extremely careful in developing the Dragonball Finance AMM. This cautious approach resulted in a few delays in the launch process, but we’d rather be safe. We’re so excited the day has finally come!

We are currently in the process of updating the docs section on our homepage which will provide a tutorial on migrating liquidity and more details on our AMM.

Important Steps:

  1. To kick of the migration, we will set the multipliers & fees on the current…

Problem With Traditional Layered Farming

When layered farming was first introduced to DeFi it was a revolutionary concept. Many users didn’t fully understand how it worked and became victim to the “pump and dump” schemes. Bots were able to track the token release and would manipulate the market. There we no incentive to hold these tokens long-term and users became fearful. The concept was broken and adjustments had to be made.

Our Solution

Dragonball Finance has developed a revolutionary new layered farming concept. Consider this cyclical layered farming (V2) which is different than what we originally launched. We sat back and watched other platforms succeed or fail…

Liquidity Migration to Dragonball Finance AMM

This past week, we successfully completed the migration of our liquidity from PancakeSwap to our native Dragonball Finance AMM. While this may seem unnecessary or confusing to some users, it was a big deal for us and the future of our project. As a new projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) the easiest option and one that most resort to is utilizing Pancakeswap for their Automated Market Maker (AMM). From day one, we had to goal to migrate away from this and the time has finally come.

Launching a native AMM allows us to grow the Dragonball ecosystem tremendously. One…

Our CEO and Founder Shanron completed an AMA today with Lola of BSC.news on Telegram. If you missed it or wanna see it again, the transcript is provided below.

DeFi Shanron: Hello guys, it’s a pleasure to be here!!

Lola |CM|AMA HOST|: Welcome Shanron! Hope you’re good.

DeFi Shanron: Yes, I am great!

Lola |CM|AMA HOST|: Good to hear that. So shall we start?

DeFi Shanron: Yes I can’t wait and I am sure the community is also ready!!

Lola |CM|AMA HOST|: Sure they are. 😊

Q1. Can you give us a general introduction of you and Dragon Ball Finance…

On 4/19 our CEO and founder Shanron completed an AMA with Guy Wasserman of BSC Talks on Telegram. Below is a transcript of the AMA.

BSC Guy Wasserman:

Hello everybody, Good evening! Hope you all are good!!

This week will be lit here in @BSC_Talks. Stay tuned!

To start off the week I would like to invite @DefiShanron from DragonballFinance for our AMA today.

Welcome onboard!! How are you? @DefiShanron

DeFi Shanron:

Hello guys, pleasure to be here

BSC Guy Wasserman:

Glad to have you here, mate! Let’s get to know this project which holds a cool theme.

To start…

Dear DragonBall lovers,
We are glad to announce that our smart contracts have bbeen officially audited by Techrate, leading blockchain tech company.
Check them out here !

Hey Sayans‼️
$DBALL IDO is now live🐉🔥
1 BNB=500 $DBALL

Hi DragonBall fans
Feel free to visit the DragonBallFinance Whitepaper 🐉


Welcome to DragonBall Finance!
DragonBallFinance is the first fully decentralized self sustaining all in one defi platform on the Binance Smart Chain network that brings the dragonball theme in the current boring foody name DeFi world.

The only way to have $DBALL will be to buy it or farm it with stable pairs LPs/ single asset staking

DragonballFinance will implement several products and mechanics that ensure the sustainability of the project even in the long term perspective.

Dragonball Finance

DragonBallFinance is the first fully decentralized sustainable all in one defi platform on the Binance Smart Chain with the dragonball theme !!

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