Beginning of Cyclical Layered Farming (CLF)

Problem With Traditional Layered Farming

When layered farming was first introduced to DeFi it was a revolutionary concept. Many users didn’t fully understand how it worked and became victim to the “pump and dump” schemes. Bots were able to track the token release and would manipulate the market. There we no incentive to hold these tokens long-term and users became fearful. The concept was broken and adjustments had to be made.

Our Solution

Dragonball Finance has developed a revolutionary new layered farming concept. Consider this cyclical layered farming (V2) which is different than what we originally launched. We sat back and watched other platforms succeed or fail and took notes. We kept what worked and replaced what didn’t. Our goal is to provide a constant use case for the layered tokens that incentives holding them. We hope to achieve this by maintaining a low supply and ample farm/pool opportunities.

Layered Farming Structure

  • There will be a total of 7 layers, each with a duration of four weeks.
  • A new layer will open every two weeks meaning once Layer 2 starts there will always be two layers active.
  • We are utilizing a cyclical method, so instead of a layer closing permanently it will be re-opened in the future.
  • One full cycle of layered farming will last a duration of 16 weeks.

Cyclical Layered Farming Token: SENZU Layer (SL)

V2 of layered farming will a new token, the “SENZU Layer X” or SL(X).

Each layer will have it’s own SL(X) token, where X represents the layer number.

  • i.e. SL1 = Layer 1 and SL7 = Layer 7.

We will supply initial liquidity of 100 SL(X), at a starting price of $10.

Token Supply

These inflationary tokens will each have an initial cycle supply of 16,000 and on each consecutive return to that layer the supply will be halved. After 5 cycles, the supply rate will be 1000, which it will remain indefinitely. There is no max supply.

You can find the farm/pool options and a more detailed explanation of the CLF in our docs:

Get your #SENZU & #DBALL ready for Layer 1, set to begin on 05/11/2021

We appreciate all the support from the community & are glad you join us,


DragonBall Finance Team

DragonBallFinance is the first fully decentralized sustainable all in one defi platform on the Binance Smart Chain with the dragonball theme !!

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