Project Recap & Updates For The Future

Liquidity Migration to Dragonball Finance AMM

This past week, we successfully completed the migration of our liquidity from PancakeSwap to our native Dragonball Finance AMM. While this may seem unnecessary or confusing to some users, it was a big deal for us and the future of our project. As a new projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) the easiest option and one that most resort to is utilizing Pancakeswap for their Automated Market Maker (AMM). From day one, we had to goal to migrate away from this and the time has finally come.

Launching a native AMM allows us to grow the Dragonball ecosystem tremendously. One main reason is due to the fact that now, when someone provides liquidity the assets remain on Dragonball Finance. All liquidity providers will receive Dragonball LP tokens instead of Pancake LP that can be staked in our farms to earn DBALL. The liquidity will all be calculated toward our overall TVL, which provides a boost to the project in terms of exposure and credibility.

Cyclical Layered Farming (V2)

The first addition to Dragonball Finance was layered farming, a high-risk high-APY platform that offered those risky users a new adventure. With this release came the introduction of SENZU, our second native token and the token earned by our initial layer. To date, we’ve only completed Layer 1 and that was a part of our goal. We wanted to experiment with a single layer, then step back and learn where we could improve. SENZU has a max supply of 7K and we wanted the community to realize how valuable this is. After a lot of discussion and planning, we have developed a revolutionary new strategy that while similar to traditional layered farming introduces a different approach that we believe will drive long-term value.

Traditional layered farming was a means to provide high-APY pools, that were consistent. The layer tokens had no value though and many users just dumped their earnings to try and prevent losses. We didn’t like the “pump and dump” strategy so we created something better.

Our concept is called cyclical layered farming, which utilizes seven layers that are open for four weeks at a time. We call it “cyclical” because the layers rotate from one to seven, and after doing so completes a cycle. This new strategy will utilize the new senzu layer (SL) token and these have no max supply. Instead, the supply will be gradually reduced following each return to that layer.

To find the complete description of this new feature, and exactly how it will function check out our docs.

You can find the link here:

Super Saiyan Pools

Providing utility, is a key to the success of a token and we understood this. The concept of Super Saiyan pools is to allow users to stake DBALL and earn a new token. There is a 3% automatic burn fee added to the pools, which contributes to the deflationary mechanisms. We plan to continue introducing Super Saiyan pools and allow the opportunity for other projects to list their tokens.

The AMM migration was a big milestone for Dragonball Finance, but is only a single item on our roadmap. We’re excited about the future and thank you for joining our community.

Keep farming,


Dragonball Finance Team

DragonBallFinance is the first fully decentralized sustainable all in one defi platform on the Binance Smart Chain with the dragonball theme !!

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