Updates on AMM Launch & Liquidity Migration

We are excited to finally announce: The liquidity migration will begin tommorow (5/6) at 1:00pm UTC

Our #1 priority is security and we’ve been extremely careful in developing the Dragonball Finance AMM. This cautious approach resulted in a few delays in the launch process, but we’d rather be safe. We’re so excited the day has finally come!

We are currently in the process of updating the docs section on our homepage which will provide a tutorial on migrating liquidity and more details on our AMM.

Important Steps:

  1. To kick of the migration, we will set the multipliers & fees on the current farms to 0 (note: if you unstake early, you will pay the 2% withdrawal fee)

Initial Farming Pairs

Native Pools

  • DBALL-BUSD 40x multiplier

Non-Native Pools

  • CAKE-BNB 2x multiplier

Things To Note:

  1. We are starting the liquidity migration at 1 pm UTC, but it may take several hours to complete.

Thank you for all the support and for believing in us!

Keep farming,

Dragonball Finance Team

DragonBallFinance is the first fully decentralized sustainable all in one defi platform on the Binance Smart Chain with the dragonball theme !!

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